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São Paulo is all the best!

Around 15 million visitors come to the city every year to leverage their businesses, strengthen professional relationships, do some shopping or enjoy a cultural calendar in tune with what goes on around the world. Being in São Paulo is experiencing a 24-hour throbbing metropolis, with a lifestyle that combines work and leisure as if they were two sides of the same coin. Capital city of a State the size of the United Kingdom, with a population similar to that of Spain, which generates almost half the Brazilian economic force, São Paulo has also become the primary tourist destination of the country.

Some information relative to Events and Trade Fairs:

The economic impact of The Trade Fairs in the city is R$ 16,3 billion a year, which represents:

  • R$ 9 billion in investments made by promoters, builders and exhibitors of trade shows by leasing space for exhibitions and services in exhibition halls;
  • R$ 7,3 billion annual revenue from resources generated by the accommodation, shopping, air and surface transportation leisure and food sectors.
  • São Paulo is the South American capital for trade fairs, hosting 90 thousand events per year, which generate one event every 6 minutes;
  • Out of the main large trade fairs in Brazil, 415 fairs are held in the State of São Paulo and 392 in the City of Paulo;
  • 805 business events take place in the city every year, one trade fair every three days;
  • 8.8 million visitors attend the events, among professionals and buyers, besides 77.5 thousand exhibitors. Out of these 8.8 million visitors, 5 million (53%) are residents and 3.8 million (47%) are tourists, of which 2.7 million (70%) stay in hotels around the city;
  • The segments that promote most of the trade shows are, in numerical order: 1st. Medicine, 2nd. Culture & Education, 3rd. Sciences, Technology and Communications 4th. Technical and Scientific and 5th. Tourism.




Data: São Paulo Convention&Visitors Bureau

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